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This time last year, I decided to be a writer. Now, let me tell you how you can be one, too.

It was a year in which I was learning to manage my depression and anxiety, and become a spokesperson and advocate for mental health.

A year, in which I moved house, continued to not only teach; but also run a martial arts studio, and spend time with my amazing daughter.

A year, in which I had less time than at any other point in my life…

Yet, I managed to write an award-winning book, contribute to an anthology, get my articles on influential media (such as The Good Men Project, The Mighty, Thrive Global and Leadx), get featured on a tonne of podcasts, Facebook live interviews, as well as local and national press.

The doors this has opened, and the connections that it has bestowed me with… have been amazing.

You can do it, too! Especially if you are an Entrepreneur or a Teacher. The things you have in common are an amazing work ethic and an excellent subject matter knowledge.

Becoming a writer and an author will skyrocket your authority and credibility, help battle self-limiting beliefs, and be an anchor to your self-confidence.

I would love to help you achieve this. I can be your guide and show you exactly what I did, step by step, and help you learn from my multiple time, and money-wasting mistakes.

Right now, I am taking on 2 clients for my coaching package Zero to Author. It can be over 6 months or 12 months, depending on how much time per week you think you can commit to this. We will have 12 support and accountability video calls during that time, as well as in between email support and feedback.

Become an Author

This will include:

  • Why write a book? (Your “why” has to be very motivating)
  • What’s stopping you? (Identifying your personal obstacles)
  • What’s your story and personal branding?
  • Why non-fiction, short books, and self-publishing? (Dispelling myths and filtering in the truth)
  • What’s the deal with “bestsellers”?
  • What to write about? (What’s your passion and subject area?)
  • How to write a book? (Structure, using word, templates)
  • How to write articles? (House styles, length, headings, structure)
  • Acting like a publishing company (online publications, syndication, SEO)
  • How to publish it on Amazon (Step by step on Kindle and paperback)
  • The power of social media and podcasts (Promotion, branding, tribe)
  • Promotion, awards, and how to write a press release (Get noticed by journalists, bloggers, etc.)

But you don’t just get that!

Because any lessons I learn while working with you, I will also pass on to YOU.

So, as I move up the tier of publications, or get more opportunities, you will get them, too.

This type of package should cost £4,750GBP,
and I know I am going to be yelled at by some of my friends for undervaluing myself.

But it’s New Year, and I have had a wonderful 2017, and just want to pass on what I have learned.

So for my first 2 clients, you can get all of the above for just


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