Zero To Author coaching package


Do You want to write a Book?

Becoming a writer and an author will skyrocket your authority and credibility, help battle self-limiting beliefs, and be an anchor to your self-confidence.

I would love to help you achieve this. I can be your guide and show you exactly what I did, step by step, and help you learn from my multiple time, and money-wasting mistakes.


Coaching Package includes:

  • 6 months or 12 months session
  • 12 support and accountability video calls
  • Private email support and feedback
  • Why write a book? (Your “why” has to be very motivating)
  • What’s stopping you? (Identifying your personal obstacles)
  • What’s your story and personal branding?
  • Why non-fiction, short books, and self-publishing? (Dispelling myths and filtering in the truth)
  • What’s the deal with “bestsellers”?
  • What to write about? (What’s your passion and subject area?)
  • How to write a book? (Structure, using word, templates)
  • How to write articles? (House styles, length, headings, structure)
  • Acting like a publishing company (online publications, syndication, SEO)
  • How to publish it on Amazon (Step by step on Kindle and paperback)
  • The power of social media and podcasts (Promotion, branding, tribe)
  • Promotion, awards, and how to write a press release (Get noticed by journalists, bloggers, etc.)

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